Monday, September 16, 2013

DMT Routes Changing in Two Waves

Danville Mass Transit will be making service improvements in two waves, the first taking effect in October and the second in December. The changes are the result of a year-long planning process that considered riders' needs in a customer survey, evaluation of route performance, and a series of public meetings to discuss customer needs.

The first round of changes will begin on Tuesday, October 1. These changes involve streamlining four routes to improve on-time performance and efficiency, but will not increase operating hours for DMT buses. Routes 1 Grant/Logan, 3 Vermilion, 7 Williams/Main, and 8 Douglas Park will be modified. A summary of the changes is available at

The second round of changes will improve service to new retail developments along N. Vermilion, and will enhance connectivity between Danville's east and north sides. Frequency of service along N. Vermilion will improve from every 60 minutes to 30 minutes, and new bus stops will be added at Meijer, which is scheduled to open in November. Buses serving Bowman Ave. will travel directly to and from N. Vermilion. Routes 2 Gilbert, 4 Bowman, 11 Vermilion, 14 Lynch, and Evening Dial-a-Ride will change. These changes will begin on Monday, Dec. 2. A summary of changes planned for December is available here at