Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Delays Start of Bus Service

The start of DMT bus service will be delayed by one hour this morning (Saturday, Dec. 14) due to heavy snow and poor road conditions. Below is a list of the first trip that will operate for each route:

1 Grant/Logan: 9:15AM
2 Gilbert: 8:45AM
3 Vermilion: 9:15AM
4 Bowman: 8:15AM
5 Fairchild: 8:45AM
6 Main/Fairchild: 8:15AM
7 Williams/Main: 8:45AM
8 Douglas Park: 8:45AM
10 Danville-Champaign: 10:20AM
11 Vermilion: 8:45AM
13 Tilton: 9:45AM

Update 7:41AM: The first route 10 trip to/from Champaign Urbana has been cancelled.