Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weather cancellations for Wednesday Feb. 5

Danville Mass Transit (DMT) has delayed the start of fixed route bus service until 10:15AM Wednesday due to the winter storm. DMT plans to operate a limited schedule of fixed route buses including the following routes:

1 Grant Logan, starting at 10:15AM
2 Gilbert, starting at 10:45AM
3 Vermilion, starting at 10:15AM
4 Bowman, starting at 10:15AM
5 Fairchild, starting at 10:45AM
6 Main/Fairchild, starting at 10:15AM
7 Williams/Main, starting at 10:45AM
8 Douglas Park, starting at 10:45AM
11 Vermilion, starting at 10:45AM

DMT has cancelled all service for the day on the following routes:

9 Georgetown
10 Danville-Champaign
12 Heights-South Danville
13 Tilton
14 Lynch

Due to weather, street conditions, and the ability for employees to report to work, other cancellations are possible today. For updates, please watch the website at, follow us on Twitter at @rideDMT, or like Danville Mass Transit on Facebook.