Thursday, February 21, 2013

DMT Cancels Champaign Service Tonight

Due to expected snow and ice Danville Mass Transit is cancelling two evening trips on its “10 Danville-Champaign” route. The bus travels I-74 between Danville and Champaign. The last trip today will depart Danville at 4:20PM, and Champaign at 5:22PM.

Currently no other service cancellations are planned, however riders are encouraged to check the DMT website at, check for updates on the agency’s Facebook Page or Twitter Feed (@ridedmt), or call (217) 431-0653 for any other cancellations Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Public Hearings to Discuss Fare Changes

DMT is considering fare changes for paratransit riders. The proposal is to increase the cost per ride from $1.60 to $2.00 by raising the price of the five-ride ticket from $8.00 to $10.00. DMT also proposes to offer free fixed-route bus rides to riders who are certified for use of paratransit, as an incentive for these riders to use fixed route buses when possible.

The paratransit service is destination-to-destination transportation for people with disabilities, mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). DMT's paratransit service is operated by CRIS Rural Mass Transit District under contract. DMT pays CRIS $11.21 for every paratransit trip taken in Danville and Tilton.

DMT director John Metzinger says the change will place a greater burden of the cost to provide the service upon the rider, which he says is both fair and good stewardship of public resources. "ADA allows transit providers to charge up to twice the base fixed-route fare for paratransit," said Metzinger. Since DMT charges $1.00 for fixed route rides, it is allowable under ADA to charge $2.00 per trip.

To lighten the burden on riders, DMT proposes to offer paratransit riders free rides on fixed route buses. While paratransit riders have disabilities which usually prevent them from using the fixed route bus, Metzinger says fixed route buses are accessible with ramps and wheelchair securements. Free rides may be an incentive for some to try fixed route buses. Each time a rider chooses fixed route service instead of paratransit the city will save $11.21.

A benefit of using fixed route buses is that riders can go when they want instead of scheduling trips a day in advance. Metzinger said use of fixed route buses is more convenient, and aligns with the goal of ADA, which is to mainstream people with disabilities by improving access and mobility.

The next step is to present the proposals in Public Hearings to collect feedback from riders and the community. Public Hearings are scheduled at the following times:

·         Thursday, February 21, 5-6PM in Lower Level Community Room at City Hall

·         Friday, February 22, 10-11AM in Lower Level Community Room at City Hall

·         Friday, March 1, 8-9AM at CRIS Senior Services, 309 N. Franklin St., Danville

Depending on the outcome of these meetings, Metzinger may take the proposal to the city council for consideration in March, and could implement the changes in May.

To make a comment about the proposal contact DMT at .

Detour on Williams Street

The following detour will be in effect Wednesday, February 13 and Thursday February 14, due to railroad repair.  The 5 Fairchild and 6 Main/Fairchild will use the following re-routes:

5 Fairchild outbound from Transfer Zone:

            Ahead            Hazel

            Right              Seminary

            Left                 Anderson

            Right              Williams into regular route


5 Fairchild and 6 Main/Fairchild inbound:

            Ahead            Williams

            Left                 Anderson

            Right              Seminary

            Right              Washington

            Left                 Williams into regular route

Return to regular routing will take place when construction is complete on Thursday, February 14.  DMT regrets any inconvenience to our riders.