Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our customers and friends from Danville Mass Transit.  Please have a safe and happy day off tomorrow, then back to regular service on Friday, January 2nd. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

DMT would like to remind all riders that as the weather changes, updates about our service can be found at Twitter, Facebook and  Or you can always call 431-0653 for information.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feedback Needed on Code of Conduct

Danville Mass Transit implemented a new Rider Code of Conduct in June. Please tell us what you think. Have you noticed any changes in the environment on the bus? What are other riders saying about this change? We want to know. Please contact our interim director with your comments by email.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DMT drivers, managers, riders to develop conduct code

The safety of DMT riders and drivers is an important concern for the management of Danville Mass Transit. One of the projects we are working on to help with this goal is the development of a Rider Code of Conduct. When completed, this Code will establish for riders a list of expected behaviors as well as the behaviors that DMT drivers will not tolerate.

DMT employees have already begun drafting the Rider Code of Conduct, however, we are seeking the involvement of riders in developing this code. If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact the Director at 217-431-0653 or by email at

In addition, DMT management is making plans to invest in a better security camera system aboard buses, and is providing additional training for bus drivers in dealing with customer conflicts and threatening situations.

Working together, we can ensure everyone's safety while riding DMT buses.

Weather cancellations for Wednesday Feb. 5

Danville Mass Transit (DMT) has delayed the start of fixed route bus service until 10:15AM Wednesday due to the winter storm. DMT plans to operate a limited schedule of fixed route buses including the following routes:

1 Grant Logan, starting at 10:15AM
2 Gilbert, starting at 10:45AM
3 Vermilion, starting at 10:15AM
4 Bowman, starting at 10:15AM
5 Fairchild, starting at 10:45AM
6 Main/Fairchild, starting at 10:15AM
7 Williams/Main, starting at 10:45AM
8 Douglas Park, starting at 10:45AM
11 Vermilion, starting at 10:45AM

DMT has cancelled all service for the day on the following routes:

9 Georgetown
10 Danville-Champaign
12 Heights-South Danville
13 Tilton
14 Lynch

Due to weather, street conditions, and the ability for employees to report to work, other cancellations are possible today. For updates, please watch the website at, follow us on Twitter at @rideDMT, or like Danville Mass Transit on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter storm causes cancellation

Due to the winter storm, DMT has cancelled the following services for Tuesday, February 4:
  • Service between Danville and Champaign-Urbana is cancelled after 2:20PM. The last bus leaving Champaign will be at 3:22PM.
  • All DMT service in Danville will cease operations after the 6:45PM trips operate. The entire operation will shut down by 7:40PM, and no evening service will operate.
Stay tuned for updates regarding possible service cancellations for Wednesday.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice delays start of DMT bus service

Danville Mass Transit will delay the start of bus service by one hour Saturday morning due to icy street conditions in the Danville area. Service will begin operating after 8AM.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Danville to Champaign-Urbana Service Cancelled

Due to weather, high winds, and low visibility, DMT has cancelled route 10 trips between Danville and Champaigh-Urbana at 5:20PM and 6:20PM Friday, January 24. All trips for Saturday, January 25th are cancelled.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weather Cancellation: Tuesday, January 21

Due to blowing snow and icy conditions on I-74, DMT has cancelled the 6:20AM trip between Danville and Champaign-Urbana. Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DMT will resume Danville-Champaign service Thursday

After cancelling service Monday through Wednesday, DMT has announced that service between Danville and Champaign-Urbana will resume on Thursday. DMT will operate the regular weekday schedule. For details, see the schedule at (PDF format).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DMT announces plans for Wednesday

Update 1/9/13: All trips between Danville and Champaign-Urbana have been cancelled for Wednesday.
Danville Mass Transit will operate all routes on their regular schedules Wednesday, with the exception of service to Champaign-Urbana. As of this announcement, the 6:20AM trip has been cancelled. DMT staff will review conditions of I-74 and decide whether to operate other trips Wednesday morning.

Check the DMT website at, or the City of Danville web site at for updates.

Monday, January 6, 2014

DMT cancels service Monday

Danville Mass Transit (DMT) has canceled all services today due to extreme weather conditions, in order to protect the safety of passengers, employees, and equipment.

DMT plans to operate its full schedule on Tuesday, however delays and cancelations are possible.

Check the DMT website at or the City of Danville web site at for updates. Information will also be posted to DMT’s Facebook Page (to follow, like “Danville Mass Transit”) and Twitter (@ridedmt). The office will be staffed Monday morning to assist riders by phone. For questions call (217) 431-0653.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

DMT will delay start of service Monday due to weather

Heavy snow and extreme cold will delay the start of public transportation services operated by Danville Mass Transit Monday morning. Canceled services include fixed route buses, paratransit service operated by CRIS, and the shuttle between Danville and Champaign-Urbana. These services are planned to begin at 10:15AM, however, additional delays and cancelations are possible.

Riders should keep in mind that the expected temperatures and wind chills will cause frostbite and hypothermia very quickly. Only essential travel is recommended. For your safety, riders should dress appropriately for extreme temperatures, and expect that buses will be running behind schedule due to road conditions. Expect also that the condition of sidewalks and bus stops will be very poor due to heavy snow and ice. Further, extreme cold temperatures may cause mechanical failures resulting in other problems with bus service.

Check the DMT website at or the City of Danville web site at for updates. Information will also be posted to DMT’s Facebook Page (to follow, like “Danville Mass Transit”) and Twitter (@ridedmt). The office will be staffed Monday morning to assist riders by phone. For questions call (217) 431-0653 after 5:00AM Monday.